Bad dreams

My toddler seems to be having a lot of bad dreams recently, sometimes ones that he'll be crying hard and shaking almost like night terrors 😭 I used to have really bad nightmares/night terrors as a kid but I thought it was from my abusive environment, that 100% isn't the case here with my toddler. It breaks my heart when he has these bad dreams and he's not able to tell me what the dream was about. How can I help him to stop having bad dreams? Does something like a dream catcher actually help? I'm worried they're starting to affect his sleep 😭
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We use a magnesium powder that my girl takes when going through one of her night terror phases. Really helps quiet the mind and stay asleep.

@Erica Torres I'll have to try the tea! He used to loovee having a warm cup of milk before bed but I know dairy before bed can sometimes be a trigger so I'd be nervous to start that back up. It's so infrequent that he has his bad dreams that its hard to pinpoint what they could be from.

He's definitely not seeing/reading anything scary, we'll mostly wind down watching curious George or he likes to watch funny videos with my husband who closely monitors what's on the screen or reading his favorite vegetable book. We've removed stuff from his room I possibly thought could be scaring him but he wanted them back in 😅

Make sure your kiddo is not watching/seeing/reading anything scary, even if it’s something we think is so simple and not scary it might be for him, like a dinosaur/monster.. something like that. For my kid it was this little smiley face alarm clock, it took us a while to understand it but he was definitely scared of it and it was just a cute little clock. Anyway.. just something to watch for.

Ahhh I see I’m so sorry!! But try chamomile tea 🍵 I gave my 2 yr old before bedtime a small amount diluted with water in a sippy cup

@Ebony sorry I just realized you may not have been asking me lol

@Ebony no It has lavender and chamomile I would also give her a very small amount of diluted chamomile tea sometimes and it would help

@Erica Torres I just gave birth 6 months ago, so the change of having a brother could definitely have something to do with it 😩 I'm not able to use any calming sprays because I'm allergic to lavender, I wish they had something without it.

Does he have melatonin at all?

Hopefully it’s just a phase my daughter had them when she turned 2ish but our pediatrician asked if we had changed anything in our routine. We had made her crib more of a bed and she had been one month into it with no problems but all of a sudden she started and I started using a nighttime spray on her sheets right before bed I got from Walmart it is supposed to calm them and it helped

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