Depression at its worse

My daughter is 17 months old and my postpartum just seems to be getting worse. Im on antidepressants, anxiety medication, and I go to therapy. Im at a loss for what else I can do. I feel numb at this point and her tantrums trigger everything for me. Is there anything anyone can suggest. Im open to anything at this point I just want to feel semi normal and be able to live.
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@Britt I’m so sorry you’re going through that. I also experienced PMDD from February to June. I went to the gyno to try and figure out what I could do. I’ve been on birth control for 2 months and the PMDD has stopped thankfully but my period still leaves me numb and crazy I feel. My husband takes saffron and it says it has helped him. It’s really insane what a woman’s body goes through I wish they did more research for hormones and things like that.

@Sydnee I feel like I have adhd as well my house is a mess and I’m always scatter brained maybe I should ask about that. I go to therapy every two weeks. It has definitely helped but my period makes my emotions insane for a whole week.

@Yana hi I’m on sertraline for depression and Xanax for anxiety. I recently started taking birth control too hoping that would help.

I am sorry to hear that. Find a good homeopath Or naturopath to help.

I am almost 2 years postpartum and I still feel triggered my stuff. I am in therapy as well, I am on Celexa for anti depressants and vyanse for my adhd. But therapy seems to be helping, if anyone needs to talk I am just a message away! I’m in the same boat still!

Do you feel like counseling is helping?

Sorry to hear it. Do you mind sharing which meds you are on? I am in the same boat

I’ve heard it can last up to two years I’m not sure if I can take that long. Im glad you’re not feeling alone ❤️

I was JUST wondering if my ppd felt worse as time goes on?? I don’t have suggestions but I appreciate you sharing so I don’t feel as alone

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