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Hi, am I the only person having difficulties with getting the promo code to work for the free gift? Every time I add the item to the basket and add the code it says it can't be used, has anyone else had this?
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Didn’t work for me despite adding items sold and dispatched by Amazon so I spoke to their live customer care chat and they manually added the credit to my basket x

Thank you @Mia & @Tasha I will give it another go x

Mine didn’t work either (used GIFT21) but I did a call back with customer services who put it in manually, took no longer than 5 mins - don’t miss out ladies! X

Nope. Mine didn’t work and i had the list and the eligible items that I was trying to buy too…

It was tricky to work out, make sure the item is sold by amazon and its over £20... and you've added both the item you want as the free gift and the item you want to buy to your wishlist... then add them both to your basket from your wishlist and then put in the code 👍

@Sarah🦄 that's the only way I could get the nappy bin for free :) a very confusing system lol

@Sarah🦄 I got the nappy bin and ordered cot sheets and a cot protector. They’re not Amazon brands but when you scroll down a bit on the listing says “sold by Amazon” and “”dispatched by Amazon” so then added them to the baby wish list then added to basket from there

@Tasha so for the nappy bin we just need to buy things sold by Amazon itself? I tried to get that 'freebie' during my last pregnancy & got no where. So I got my husband to try this time round & he got as far as I did😅 Still no nappy bin!

Can someone explain to me what the free gift thing is? How do I get it

Nope. Gave up.

Same I have been looking for months and end up giving up every time because I can't find things I need that are sold and dispatched by Amazon it's very frustrating

Definitely not just you. Took me ages but eventually found a list of eligible items, lots actually aren't baby related 🤷🏽‍♀️

I had trouble with it, had to find things that were sold and also dispatched by Amazon. I found some cot sheets and a mattress protector which worked

@Tasha no I was looking at the fisher price toy but I will give your suggestion a try on my next Amazon order

I had this, make sure the things in your basket are sold and delivered purely by amazon. So for example I had to buy wipes and nappies from their own amazon brand as I literally couldn't find anything else that fit. Is this for the tommee tippee bin and refills?

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