Anyone still cosleeping?

Trying to do better sleep schedule but LO still breastfeeds maybe for comfort overnight...not sure how to even begin fixing his sleep and weaning let alone putting in his own bed. He will just wake up and come to mine.
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We cosleep at home but she’s on her own at daycare for naps. Working on getting the courage to fight through the crying of her sleeping in her own bed through a whole night.

I do but thinkn of gettn her a bed for naps to transition but at night I know she will come to me bc she still breastfeeds when she wakes and when she goes to sleep.

We're still collecting but he's not nursing overnights, getting his bed set up today actually

I co slept with my 3 year old until 2 and now with my 4 month old. It’s the only way we get sleep!!!

@Nina yes same especially when he is sick or still has some MOLARS coming in so boob gives comfort.

I’m still cosleeping!! And she still nurses overnight too — I’m tired but I can’t bring myself to wean her or put her in her own bed🥺

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