Anyone have autistic toddlers that play too rough? Need help!

My boys are 2 and 3 1/2 and when they play, it's like they get overly excited, don't slow down and then my 3 year old starts jumping on the 2 year old and pulling on his clothes. I keep telling him to use "nice hands" and "gentle touches" but they are moving so fast, he's not listening. What can I do to help because I'm scared they will get hurt then I'll get in trouble.
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@Lisa I stay in Oakland, so I'm in CA too 🥰. I find that a lot of us are just so exhausted that it's hard to connect with each other but I need more support.

Glad to help. I'm a mom to two wonderful and rambunctious autistic boys. I wish I knew more mom's who can relate. I live in California and we have help and resources so if you're in the area, message me and I can give you more resources here.

Thanks so much for all these resources. I'm going to buy some of these. I really love the PECs board!!

Just examples of toys. Not saying to have to get these.

Foam Blocks for Toddlers, 138 Pieces EVA Soft Stacking Building Blocks Toy Set, Early Learning Construction Toys & Gifts for Kids, Boys & Girls 18+ Months 1-3 Years

Sensory Toy: SHEGATO Push It Pop Fidget Toys, Bubble Sensory Toy, Poppits Jigsaw Fidget Toys, Popper Russian Block Game Boards, 26PCS Silicone Puzzle Games to Anxiety and Stress Relief for Girls Boys (Black)

These are on sale. My kids loved these: Limited-time deal: DMOIU Magnetic Tiles, 108PCS Building Blocks for Kids Magnet Tiles with 2 Cars, Toddler Educational Construction Toys Building Sets, Boys Girls Preschool Learning Toys - Birthday

Floor jumbo puzzles for your 3 year old. Melissa and Doug.

Smile4autism Visual Communication Book,162 ASD Laminate Icon Picture Cards: Autism Language Vocabulary, Speech Articulation Therapy, ADHD & Aprexia Learning (Plastic Cartoon Book)

Large PECS® Communication Book (Picture Exchange Communication System®)

You can use visual schedules and PECS maybe. Playdoh is always a hit! Sensory toys for their age, plastic fidget spinners, foam or wooden blocks. I wish I could give you some of our old toys.

@Lisa that's what I need to figure out, how to create a schedule for them for when we are home on weekends. I work through the week 10hr shifts then have school so I'm usually exhausted and like to stay in on some weekends. I don't have much they are both interested in so we do some reading, but 1 is minimally verbal and the other is non-verbal so I'm trying to figure out what toys to buy, what activities to do e.t.c in my tiny apartment.

Yup, I relate 100 percent. It does get better, but it's still hard to this day. But now since my younger one is 4 he's the more wild one and my 6 year old is starting to get mature, but his little brother influences his hyperactivity. That's when it's hard. I wish I had an easy answer.... for both of us. But it's just the reality for now and day by day gets a little more easier and then one day you realize it. Like one day I was like, "Hey, the boys can play together safely for 5 minutes, then it was 10 minutes, maybe 15 minutes, etc. But you're definitely not alone and I know how it seems to others who might not get it. It takes A LOT of energy but structured and directed play works well.

@Lisa that's pretty much what I'm doing. They go from not playing together to discovering each other and then getting overly excited and it's chaos. I feel like a drill Sargent honestly. I know my neighbors are like dang, those kids always getting yelled at 🤦‍♀️. I'm like no pushing, no pulling, get off his back, watch his arm e.t.c. At least I know it's something they'll have to grow out of.

So my autistic son did this to his younger brother as well. They were about the same age difference. We did everything we could but we ended up just having to watch them all the time and eventually they grew out of it a year later. They are four and six today and they still play rough. But there was a time where I just could not do anything but watch them every second which was very difficult. We did everything we could like tell him to use gentle hands and we did aba but it's just something he had to grow out of

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