Boots airport click n collect

If i do a boots airport click and collect after security does the have to fit in hand luggage?
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I’m going to be doing this but will be ordering about 30 bottles of ready made formula 😳 I’m going to take an empty cabin sized pull along through security and then fill it up with all the baby bits from boots when I get airside!

They hold for 14 days. I've order formula, bottle washing liquid, aftersun, shampoos etc and baby snacks. Ordered to ensure there week before. First time they gave us a cloth bag, not on 2/3 time but had paper bag.. emptied box. These don't count as hand luggage, usually take on 1 duty free bag (which is what it's classed as)

Thanks Just thinking of getting nappies, wipes and suncream.

No it doesn’t but be careful what you order and be mindful they may give you a shitty boots bag or boxes to carry so I’d recommend bringing your own strong bag We ordered 9 toddler milk and other bits when we went away and they gave us 2 boxes and we didn’t look inside when we landed the other side and it was practically empty and stuffed so we could had done without the extra box to lounge around 🤣

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