When should I test again? Wait for my next period?

I thought I had implantation bleed since it was pink and brown at first then turned into a thinner bleed (still light) last week. took a test yesterday morning and showed a positive. Then the next morning, the test showed a negative. I have two tests left, should I just wait until my next period? That would be 5 weeks from now if we counted the three days of bleeding as a period.
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Test one more time before your period is supposed to come

I once read that you’re more likely to get a false negative, than a false positive. So I would test again tomorrow, first wee of the day 👍🏼

Get a first response test, blue dye ones can give really bad indent lines. I did a clear blue and it came up with a blue line but it was after the time frame but only by a couple minutes and it looked similar to your picture. I would test again with maybe a pink dye and a blue just to be sure. Good luck 🤞

Definitely test again

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