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Hi everyone, my baby boy is 18 weeks now. I’m still struggling with my pp anxiety. I wouldn’t say I have pp depression but do have some really down days. I’ve been prescribed 100mg sertraline but feeling no affect as of yet (been on it 4 weeks) I know these feelings are normal but I just feel so alone at the moment. Any advice for me? Eve x
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@Jane only side effects I’ve had is excessive sweats 🙃 I can be just stood doing nothing then I’ll be pouring with sweat but with how much better my anxiety and head space is it’s worth it. I hope they got you sorted lovely xx

Hey mama, you're not alone. I don't have any professional advice but i feel for you. I'm on medications for my anxiety and into therapy as well. You should talk to your doctor who can help you figure out your doses.Btw I was a part of a postpartum support group from day one during my boy and it helped me a lot. I talked to fellow moms and know that I'm not alone in this journey. Check it out maybe

@Eve I'm struggling too and I'm making an appt next week to see if I can start on some medication to help to the edge off my anxiety. Did you have any nasty side effects on sertraline? X

Thankyou so much. I think it’s started to kick in, my head is in a much better space now so hopefully it continues! Xx

Hiya sweetheart, your not alone. I would say if the sertraline hasn’t helped yet you should contact your gp or mental health worker. There is a great deal of help and advice for low mood/depression postnatally. You may need a higher dose or trying a different medications. Once you start seeing a little improvement in your low days start taking some baby steps towards improving your mental and physical health. Taking care of yourself is important as a mum too xxx

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