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After your kids get potty trained, how do they do it when going to public bathrooms? Do you bring their small toilet top or help them sit on the adult toilet? or something else?
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We have a travel potty that converts to fit on top of the big toilet. He uses it like half the time and the other half he uses the travel potty with the bowl in it. Definitely annoying but it’s better that they pee than get freaked out by the big toilet. He’s also only 2.5, so he’s still pretty little for the big toilet.

I used the insert for a couple months and now he is peeing while standing up. With boys it is easier I guess.

Mine is a girl and needs to sit, I just hold her and make sure she doesn't fall in lol

Following. My daughter will be 3 in January and we finally have the potty training down. I’m worried about public bathrooms because I’m such a germophobe. Most public bathrooms have that sanitary paper to put down but I’m still a little nervous about it. I just had a baby in august so I don’t really want to carry around mkre than I already have to. I just call them “bye bye diapers” or “night time diapers”🤣

It depends on where we go and for how long but I have a potty in the car and ask him if he wants to pee when we get to a place or when we’re leaving and I also have a top seat thingy in the car, if I’m going to stay in a place for over an hour I’ll bring it with me inside, if not I won’t cause I know he can hold it long enough.

I bring a foldable potty seat and toilet covers

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