I’m 21 weeks and just found out yesterday after going to the Hospital to be checked out after I had pains that I have pubic symphysis dysfunction Today has been by far the worst day of pain not sure what to do apart from taking a paracetamol as this is still new to me. Does this tend to get worse and stay through the whole of pregnancy? If anyone has any tips for now please do let me know I’m in desperate need Thanks I’m advance 🤗
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I followed this lady’s videos the whole time

Spider tape, wear it 24/7. Tummy Tape is the brand i used

Mine was terrible around 24 weeks and then I looked up some PT exercises on YouTube that were SOOOO helpful omg and it got way better until about week 35 again and I was in quite a bit of pain until the end. I seriously recommend doing the exercises in some YouTube videos

mines gotten worse the thurther on in pregnancy im 35 weeks n i started having pains at 20weeks the pain is unberiable now but it’s obviously different for anyone. epsom salt in your bath is really helpful its like 2 pound a bag,getting dressed sat down,codine helps me abit more then paracetamol hope some of that helps ots awful x

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