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I need advice. My husband has a cell phone addiction and it’s really ruining our marriage. He is always on his phone. He can stare at his phone for hours just looking at social media. He won’t spare a few minutes to have meaningful conversations with me and our 2 kids. We no longer are intimate anymore. I initiate but he always rejects me. I told him about how I feel but his response is I am controlling him. All I want is him to give quality time to me and our children. But the only quality time he wants is his phone. I feel so all alone.
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Hmm. Thats tough. If he thinks you are controlling him by just wanting some time for the family or even intimate time. Then i would probably distance myself from his as well. Maybe he feels drained in a way. Maybe over worked? Either way. Family over social media always.

Get rid of the social media’s

It sounds like he’s checked out. Have you guys talked about couples therapy or separation?

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