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I need advice I would like to rent a two bedroom apartment but if I do, it’ll be out of my income range, but I do qualify for a one bedroom. However, my toddler is going to be three in February. Do you think I should get a two bedroom or just wait till I’m financials stable?
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How’s the closet look? I’ve seen a lot of really creative mamas on a budget turn a smaller walk in closet into an adorable little bedroom for their toddler ! But definitely stick with what you can afford. We have 3 kids in a *technically* 3 bedroom apartment (I say technically because the third room doesn’t have an actual door it’s more of a bonus area) and my older girls share that room because my toddler needs a door and to not have tiny toys around from her sisters. Just remember, it’s more important for your kiddo to be fed, clothed, and have more time with you than their own room if you’re having to stretch yourself too thin to afford it! Especially that young :)

I saw some advice which was to give the toddler the bedroom and have a pullout couch (or something like it) for you in the living room. I know that may not be ideal but just something to think about

Definitely wait to be stable, rents are super high right now. But strongly recommend a 1 bedroom with den if you can find it.

Always wait until you are financially stable. ❤️ but, you can try to find a 2 bedroom apartment in winter because rent goes down 😉 hehehe

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