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Hi all We’re taking our first holiday with baby girl when she’s 3 months old. My friends keep laughing and saying ‘good luck’ but I feel like travel has always been a big part of my life so want to continue that with baby girl. Anyway, am I allowed to take a flask with hot water through security? I use the nuby rapid cool to make bottles on the go seem as the ready made formula tends to make her spit up more. Thank you
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My sister has told me ots easier to go holiday when they are babies! X

@Sophie I would still esp as she's so young.

I just boiled it put it in her bottle and then put the bottle in the tommee tippee Insulated bags, they stay warm for a long time, but I'm lucky my little girl likes her milk warm or cold she's not fussed xx

It was reassuring to see in the local supermarket there was everything I need (albeit more expensive) if I ran out. Aptamil for example is there but it’s a different brand name but same packaging. We are weaning at the moment so plenty of Ella’s kitchen style pouches too.

Go with thermos, they stay hot for longer. I imagine the cafe at the airport would do it for you. Obviously don’t ask onboard because their hot water tanks would not be good enough (wouldn’t drink coffee out of it if you thought about it enough!) I bought enough instant aptamils for the travelling day either side and did Nuby while I was there. It was no problem to bring as many through as I needed. I’m going on Saturday again and will see if I have enough time to order to boots at BFS. Our only gripe is my baby won’t sleep on us so she was up all flight. If we had a middle seat free it would have been fab but it never happens on Jet2. I did want to do long haul with her this winter but I decided against it for that reason - mind you a middle seat on long haul/bassinet is more likely! Re bottled water - we just used it for making baby bottles from the bottle and cleaned out the kettle before use. For example in Lanzarote Font Vella is perfect.

@Sam what flask do you have? Mine only keeps it hot enough for 6 hours? Or would a cafe fill it again for me at airport do you think?

@Saloni what flask do you have? Mine only keeps it hot enough for 6 hours? Or would a cafe fill it again for me at airport do you think?

@Zoey yes I recently discovered the hot shot method with nuby which is great. I was planning on sterilising bottle water abroad rather than tap but do you need to with the baby water? Xx

Thank you everyone. We’re off to Lanzarote. All inclusive resort for 4 nights. Thought this would ease us in slowly xx

Ignore!!! Travelling has always been a big part of our lives before LB arrived. He turned 1 last week and been abroad 3 times already. The younger they are the easier I've found it. Our first was just over 6 months old, he mostly slept but when awake he happy to play in shade by the pool. LB is now crawling everywhere so found he wants to be off but still manageable. I took Thermos flask with boiled water (we stayed overnight at hotel as 6am flight) filled up at hotel. I also use nuby but had coiled boiled water in these so use hotshot method so didn't have to sterilise after each use. No issues taking either through security both in UK and abroad. I ordered formula from Boots to collect once through security, theybhold for 14 days so ordered week before to ensure there. I took enough milk pots with measured formula for day as hand luggage also. We used bottled water abroad, in Spain they have baby face on for baby friendly. Enjoy !!! You'll adapt. We are planning Asia for when LB is 2 x

Aww you’ll be fine, it won’t feel like it with the prep, but it’s the easiest age to travel before they start moving! Yes, whatever you need to feed baby, water, formula

Everyone said the same to me, we took our little girl to tenerife when she was 3 months, and antigua when she was 6 months. Like Saloni said, it's so easy on the plane as they just sleep! I took my breastfeeding pillow to go on my lap for my little one to sleep on. Regarding the water, I had no problems taking water through I took hers through in 4 lots of bottles and they were fine x

naaw it’s the same with me. ive always loved travelling and with my first girl (who’s 18 months now) her first holiday was when she was 8 months but now with my second born, she’s only 2 months and we’re currently on holiday. honestly, it’s not as hard to travel with them and i absolutely love it cos they sleep for most duration of the flight, plus when they don’t it’s all cuddles 🥰 but yeah you can take a flask with you, ive got my big 1l one and all they do is ask you what’s in there and just test it, there won’t be no problem at all. have a lovely holiday!

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