Blocked duct

Baby is nearly 3 months old and only took 1 breast before falling asleep last night, she also then slept an extra couple of hours this morning. I woke up with the most engorged breast which she has now drained but it still hurts so much and is tender to touch. Could this be a blocked duct? Any advice for soothing the pain?
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It honestly makes me so angry and sad at the same time when GPs are still recommending outdated practices because they haven't bothered updating their knowledge in line with the research! 😔

Thanks everyone, I managed to get a telephone appointment with the GP who prescribed antibiotics.. they did recommend on a hot flannel as well 🤦🏻‍♀️

Take ibuprofen as instructed on the package (ibuprofen helps to reduce the inflammation). You can also take some paracetamol to further tackle the pain.

Coming from someone who battled recurrent blocked ducts/mastitis for months - whatever you do, DO NOT message or apply any heat on the affected breast. This is an outdated and wrong advice which only increases the inflammation within the breast. Feed as normal from the affected breast, you can apply cold & slightly mashed cabbage leaves on - basically treat the breast as if you would a swollen ankle - your goal is to reduce the inflammation... sending hugs!

Maybe try a hot flannel compress and massage it may help to relieve the pain xx

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