Going through my first pregnancy alone and going through a terrible breakup is super hard. I keep trying pick myself up but I constantly keep finding myself back being depressed and crying all the time. I seriously feel super lonely and down all the time 🤦🏽‍♀️
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Hey I’m so sorry you’re going through this but know you’re not alone. I went through a terrible breakup in August and currently going through my pregnancy completely alone. If you need anyone to talk to or just to rant I’m free to listen! Cause trust me I get it. I haven’t done much but lay in bed depressed.

Well you could be going through ur first pregnancy in a toxic and unhealthy relationship tht made u just as depressed and down all the time. Use this time to learn urself and practice self care. Bond with the baby inside of u and try to let go of the perfect storybook pregnancy most of us always hoped to have. Life is just not fair and tht is ok.

I went through my pregnancy alone during Covid! I would not have survived if I couldn't talk to my mom every day on the phone. Reach out to someone who can listen and support you! And we are here for you too!

@Krystina it’s just horrible the way these man just have us go through all this by ourselves.

I’m here if you need to talk or want to vent. It’s not easy but you got this! There’s a community of single moms here, we’re all here to support

@Alyvia thanks love 🫶🏽 I will try to do that, hopefully it helps!!

You are not alone. Im going through the same.

Sending you positive vibes, i went through my whole pregnancy alone. Stay around good people & positive vibes really helps.

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