Triptans while breastfeeding

Hi everyone, my baby is 5 months old and exclusively breastfed and I had to take a rizatriptan yesterday. My baby slept way better than usual last night and now I’m panicking it made him drowsy, has anyone else noticed this with triptans? I’m hoping it’s just a coincidence and that he’s in his way through sleep regression!
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I was told by a doctor that you can take sumatriptan whilst breastfeeding and although it will pass through milk, it won’t be enough to have any effect on baby Not sure if rizatriptan is the same though xx

I have chronic migraine so I take triptans frequently, they do not affect my baby. If you google each medication, the only one not advised is Naratriptan. The amounts in breastmilk are super minimal. It is likely just a coincidence

With rizatriptan you should wait a minimum of 4 hours after taking then pump and dump.

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