My daughter is constantly playing with her little nippies, is this normal? She’s my first one and I feel like it’s probably normal it just freaks me out a little 😅
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My son messes w/ his everything lol I think it’s normal they’re just discovering everything on their bodies I don’t think anything is weird anymore I’m just like hmmm so this is your new thing now, cool lol

@Karina she’s always patting my boobs or rubbing them lol which is crazy because she was only breastfed for a few months!

@Naty I’ve definitely heard of boys doing that! I guess it makes sense for a girl to be curious too!

I would say it's normal. They're discovering their bodies. I have a boy and he's pulling on his penis during bath time frequently.

I think it’s curiousity , when I’m in the bath w my daughter she keeps trying to pull on mine

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