Tonie or Yoto?

Does anyone have a Tonie or a yoto? Debating getting one for my little boy for his second birthday!
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@Toni you can record your own content or assign their free content but only on certain ones, pre made characters eg Elsa from frozen you cannot edit.

They are both brilliant for different reasons (we have both) so the yoto I have found has more age appropriate cards, it’s got the clock, a nightlight and you can put the cards in the top or can control it from your phone. The Tonie is physical characters so better for little hands and are always bringing out new characters. Tonies characters are 14.99 each and the yoto cards vary in price. You can create your own card with yoto but can also create your own Tonie xx

I heard Yoto was a little more flexible as you can create your own as well as buying rather than having to buy exclusively from Tonie. I could be wrong

We have a Tonie and my daughter loves it. My niece (4) also has one and loves hers too. We find it’s so easy for her to use and be in control of, she prefers the songs at the moment over stories. There’s also loads of free content, which gets updated regularly, you can add to the creative Tonie which helps her not get bored of the same thing over and over. So far it definitely seems worth it as she should get a lot of use out of it over the coming years. If you want you can pm me and I can send you a code for £15 off, when we got ours that worked on sale prices too (:

Have also bought a Tonie for his 2nd birthday so can vouch for that being great I haven’t had a Yoto

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