How is dating going for you guys it’s going horribly for me. I feel like giving up but I still have some hope but idk it’s so draining dating as a single mom
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You meet a guy and find out that they have baggage

I think if you have a good support system it absorbs the lows of dating… my girlfriends and I talk about our dating life extensively and have a good laugh! It changes the energy around the reality of dating. i think a calm, open minded woman with the ability to laugh at herself is more attractive to a DECENT man than the uptight, guarded and highly sensitive woman that this unfortunate dating pool too often creates.

Don’t date anymore until you pray and ask God if they are the one or not.

Horrible lmao 🤣 But I'm working on it

Hang in the queens 👸🏻 y'all will find your king 🤴 don't settle for these peasants 😤

Loool.. it’s draining as a single person who is a professional and have never been married nor have kids… its not you.. the dating pool sucks right now

Dating is difficult for childless women, try not to make it a single mom thing. I met lots of frogs before I had my daughter and I would say it’s no different now.

I agree. Its not Alot of genuine ppl anymore!

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