Baby proof litter boxes.

So we have 3 cats and a baby who is about to hit 6 months and is getting more mobile. We have two tidycat breeze systems, one in the hall in a cover box and one in the bathroom. But between the space and pellets getting everywhere we need something different. How are you handling kitty litter with a crawling baby? Especially multicat homes.
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Go on Amazon. They have covered litter boxes with a door. I have one. I wish I could send you a picture. Works great

We put ours in a tote, put a litter collecting mat inside the extra space, and cut a hole in the top. It also helps with the smell a ton for anybody with intact males or kittens 🥹 the only thing is that you've got to regularly vacuum the litter out of the tote or they'll go in there too (can be rinsed though)

We have the top entry litter boxes. Not perfect, but helps with the tracking and a bit tougher for a baby to access.

@Kayla unfortunately no, we live in an apartment

We have 7 cats. We put the litter boxes in the garage and cut a corner of the door off so they have free access to the garage. Is something like that an option in your house?

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