Fur babies VS my bed

So I have two amazing dogs, a 5 year old and an almost 7 year old. I absolutely love them they have been with me since they were 2 months old and ever since I had them they’ve been allowed on my bed. But recently I’ve been thinking about when the baby gets here I’m not sure I still want them on my bed. The dog hair and the thought of how much dirt my fur babies will bring on my bed around the baby just makes me uncomfortable. Am I overthinking it? I’m also scared that the dogs will be upset with the baby when he gets here because they are no longer allowed on the bed. SOS! I’m torn between continuing to let them or the bed and feeling it’s dirty for the baby
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If you can have a cosleeper than it wouldn't matter much. Cuz they'd be in their own mini bed nearby

I have the same problem I have a 6 year old pitbull (please hear me out) he’s the most gentle dog ever but he is a kisser and he sheds a lot too so I have sentenced him to his own bed but prior to my son coming I use to let him sleep on the bed with me

The doggie dander and dirt is going to be anywhere no matter where they sleep, just clean regularly and I wouldn't worry about that part. As for sleeping arrangements do you have room for their own "bed"? Before my son was born my dobie slept in bed. Now I didn't co sleep but I knew she wouldn't like the in and out all the time because she slept in my legs. We had room in our bedroom for a chase lounge and she naturally moved there on her own. A few times here and there before baby was born but almost nightly after. The fact that it was high off the ground like the bed I think was the biggest reason it transitions well!

@Maysa that is too cute!!

My dog was used to being on the couches and bed all the time, she’s our little baby so we liked cuddling with her but after I found out I was pregnant I figured it would be a problem later. So we got her her own dog bed and started training her to know the word to get off the couch/bed. Baby hasn’t arrived yet so we still practice this and by now she has no issue with it and from time to time we let her hop on with us.

Do whatever works best for you! We decided to still have my dog sleep on the bed with us and have had no issues and my son is 20 months. Cosleeping really isn’t for me anyway so I knew that wouldn’t be a problem. There really isn’t a way to keep dog hair completely away from my child if the dog is going to live in the house, lol.

Thank you ladies! Makes me feel a little better about it

We have been working on this with our Aussies! Whatever you decide to do, start now so they get used to it and don’t pair it to the addition of the baby. Once they learn the boundaries it’ll be okay! My male Aussie prefers sleeping in our living room now even given the chance.

I have two huskies , and this was my fear. But I made the decision to not have them on the bed after the baby was here and they have been fine. When the baby isn’t around we allow them on the bed for a few mins to feel included.

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