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Ok so no judgement please my little one is still in a cot purely for the fact she's so little for her age and I'm looking for a toddler bed for her to go into before her 2nd birthday any suggestions!?
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@Nicola because my toddles room isn’t big enough to fit a full size bed at the moment so unfortunately I can only have a small toddler bed

Why do you want a toddler bed if you don’t mind me asking? Why not get a normal single bed and use a bed guard? It will save you money in the long run.

My LO has been in a floor bed from 5 months old. They're great. We went with the "cot size" though to save on space. 70x140 mattress. I think he'll happily keep it until 3years old

My daughter is two next week and still in cot. No plans to move her until she tries to climb out etc. She’s tall for her age, but also still uses a sleep sack so she’d have to do some pretty impressive gymnastics to get out with that on.

My little one turns 2 in 3 weeks and is taller than average. She's starting to look quite big in her cot but I plan to leave her there for as long as possible! She never tries to get out and is a really good sleeper so we'll go with it for as long as we can 🤣

My daughter is still in her cot, she sleeps well and hasn’t tried to climb out yet so will be staying in it for as long as possible! My theory is don’t fix what isn’t broken! Xx

My little girl was 2 two weeks ago and is still in a cot! I have no plans to move her out just yet xx

My girl in a cot and no plans on moving yet! X x

I agree with the above, no rush to get her into a bed if she's comfortable and isn't trying to climb out. My LB is in this bed I feel like he's safe as it is so low to the ground, so if he rolls out he hasn't got far to fall (though he hasn't once in the months since he transitioned)

My LO is still in a cot as well and comfortable still wears 9-12 months clothes 😂. Will follow this as I also want to transition in a toddler bed at some point.

My twins are still in a cot I wouldn’t worry when they are able to start getting out I will move them but they are fine in the cot and cots are quite big dont worry xx

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