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Appreciate this is a nice problem to have. Last Christmas, gift-unwrapping took over three days... Our baby arrived 11th September, and my sister asked about gifts. I suggested a bath toy, so she bought us 2x bath toys, some very expensive baby shampoo/soap, 1-yr subscription to audible, a fancy comforter/blanket, a box of fancy chocolates, and we've two gifts yet to unwrap. It's actually taking the enjoyment away for me at this point, I feel daunted and slightly sick recieving this big box of wrapped gifts. My husband opened most of them. I don't want our baby to grow up spoilt nor for us to feel guilty that my sister buys him more than us (on basis that we do not want to spoil him). Plus, it gets to that point where many of the gifts are unwanted. For instance, I neither want or need an audible subscription. The comforter is the forth we've been given. I have sensitive skin, and so have already bought baby shampoo from a highstreet brand I know and trust (aveeno). I ended up passing several of my sister's gifts to charity last year because they were unwanted/didn't fit or work for me (wrong size, bath products that irritate my skin). It's shame because I always used to think of her as a very conscientious, well considered gift giver. But, it feels like the more presents she gives, the less of a good fit they are. :( What can I do? I don't want to seem ungrateful, but this has been going on for several years now. I don't want our baby to be spoilt by her.
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@Trish Thanks for sharing, it's reassuring to hear from someone who has the same experience. Both the wishlist and the college fund ideas are great. ❤️ Hopefully, there'll be a way forward. 🙏

My in-laws are like this. I had to create an Amazon wishlist for my son and said that everyone is allowed to buy 1 thing off the list. That list is shared with everyone in the family. I have stuff there that are different price points but are all stuff that I would use with my son. It allows my in-laws to buy the 'nicer' gift but not overwhelm us with tons of small unwanted gifts. Another thing that I've done is set up a 529 college fund. I encourage our family that in lieu of a toy, a contribution to his college fund would be more appreciated.

@Dani✨ It's usually for occasions. I've tried asking her nicely just for 1-2 gifts... but it doesn't seem to work. @Alicia Agree that she takes pride / enjoys the gift giving process. Specifically, we asked for a bath toy. I always say that she's been too generous and emphasise that we'd prefer less. I got quite frustrated last year at Christmas because we spent all the time opening presents rather than doing other Christmas things (playing games, chatting etc) and when we were leaving after 3 days there were still presents under the tree. I feel like I've been polite to ask nicely for her to give less so many times over the last few years, and even lost my temper a few times. 😬 I don't understand how the message is not getting across.

Do you have a college account set up for your little one? You may be able to ask that friends and family contribute to the fund directly in lieu of gifts. It sounds like she takes great pleasure in gift giving, maybe try asking her for something specific? “I know you love giving gifts but you’ve been more than generous. Little one does need x if you still want to give them a present. Time with auntie is more than enough of a gift.”

Does she give presents randomly or for occasions like birthdays, Xmas etc? If the latter, just say you appreciate her gifts & thoughtfulness but one or two gifts per occasion is more than enough or maybe ask for gift cards to your preferred stores instead so you can buy what you actually need.

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