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Hi mommas! I hate to even come in the group with drama, but at this point I’m desperate and need help. My son and I are currently homeless and need help getting something to eat. If anyone could please help us by sending whatever you can. I will be eternally grateful. I am also willing to answer any questions anyone may have, but all I ask is that what we talk about stays here please, I’m usually a pretty quiet individual and I’m really branching out by asking but I just don’t know what else to do. Thank you to anyone who is willing to help and god bless everyone in this group regardless.
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Should I have posted our picture too? I’m just a little embarrassed honestly and wasn’t quite ready to admit that I’m struggling. I promise I’m not trying to scam anyone, I just really need the help and don’t have anyone I can turn too.

I’m waiting to hear back for the food stamps but it’s taking a long time

This doesn’t work even if you were genuine and truthful, people are not going to help because there are individuals who claim to really need help but are really scams and lies but good luck 🍀

May I ask Do you have wic or food stamps?

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