I’m 39 weeks tomorrow and for the past two days I’ve had constant discharge. It’s more watery but it’s just pouring out so much I’ve had to put pads in otherwise my pants are soaked. Is this normal? Has anyone else had this?
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I’m 38 weeks 5 days pregnant and I’m having this discharge everyday especially in the morning it comes like urine but it’s not urine and it’s kind of watery jelly substance it have no smell but it’s just disgusting the moment i stand from the bed it comes down quickly and i have to run to the toilet if i’m not wearing a pad.

I was like that at 36 weeks the doctor checked if I was dilate and nothing yet

I had this a few days ago and convinced my waters broke. If in doubt call the midwife number. They got me in for a swab and told me my waters had not broke. It is normal to have a watery substance leak but not to be amniotic fluid. Pop a maternity pad on and monitor it x

I’ve been like this for a couple of days I’m 37 weeks nearly 38 apparently it’s normal in the last couple of weeks x

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