When do you keep your child home from nursery?

My son has had a cold for about a week now, the worst of it is gone but he does have an irritating cough. Nose was running yesterday but appears to be drying up now, though we'll see how the day goes. I know for me i always got a dry cough that lingered after a cold for another week or so. Hes back at nursery tomorrow, should i keep him home?
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Unless my girl is having difficulty eating or breathing, has a fever or is generally distressed, I wouldn’t keep her off nursery.

Thanks ladles!

Only thing that keeps children home at our nursery is constant temperature, diarrhea, vomiting.

Coughs do linger around a bit after they’re better I find. If he’s well in himself and not super snotty he goes in

Thank you! @Kierra-louise

I always have this conversation with our child minder everytime our LG gets a cold. And the response I get is if she's okay in her self (minus a runny nose and a bit of a cough) and doesn't have a temp then she can go in. They all get colds and if we all keep them home when they get a runny nose they will never be in child care! My LGs cough always sticks around for a few weeks.

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