Sudden Shyness

Has anyone experienced their 3 year suddenly turning shy? I always thought she was so outgoing and would always try to make new friends when out but suddenly she’s so shy and keeps calling herself shy when I ask if she’s okay. She’s been going to nursery since 9 months old but still turns up to preschool with her head down and doesn’t want to go. I’ve started meeting mums 1-1 but she doesn’t interact with their children and their child will naturally go off to have fun by their self. I’ve started taking her to a dance class to help but her first session broke my heart, she was just frozen. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this? I’ve been googling and wondering if it’s because I’m too authoritative with telling her it’s time to get dressed, time to brush your teeth, time to get in the car, time for dinner. But then that’s just basic parenting surely. I’m at a loss.
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I actually just posted something very similar! My 3 year old is shy maybe even anxious. She doesn’t openly chat it takes her a while to warm up to people. She has also been going to preschool/nursery since 1 years old and most days she goes in anxious and doesn’t just run in like the other children and start playing. I was worried about it too as she’s so kind hearted and sweet I just don’t want her to get hurt

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