Clothes for slim children

If you have a very slim toddler where do you usually get their clothes so they’re not constantly falling down? We’ve got away with wearing 12-18 months throughout the summer because the length doesn’t matter but now we’re in trousers we need 18-24
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I find this hard with my Feb 22 baby. She still fits in some 9-12 due to having a small build but she is tall so thats the only reason we ever size up on trousers/leggings, the legs fit but the waistband is so loose. But tops in her correct size hang off her whereas 9-12 fits but might just be a little short 🤦‍♀️

My toddlers all wore leggings until about 3/4 years old and they all seem to fit despite them being slim with very long legs :)

I’ve had success with George (Asda) they do good leggings which are much narrower on the waist and don’t fall down!

It’s hard isn’t it!!! We have resorted to dungarees and a few pairs of leggings that a friend took in at the waist

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