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Hi everyone My daughters 3 weeks old I am due to get paid my universal credit on Friday I added my daughter onto it but my statement hasn’t went up yet it usually goes up the 25 has anyone else had this a change of circumstances and there’s hasn’t went up does that mean a payment hasn’t been processed for me?
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I have a job I just havnt been there long enough and I get maternity allowance and I get universal credit x

It's always worth a try! Same with the healthy start vouchers. It's not much, but every little helps especially when UC pay is pennies!!! I didn't think I was eligible for it but as long as you can show 3 months pay slips then you should be fine!!x

@Samantha am not sure I can apply for maternity allowance isn’t that not if you have a job am on universal credit I walked out my job when I was like 10 weeks pregnant the way I was getting treated so had to apply for universal credit x

@Jody yes definitely!! Now I can honestly say I can't wait for my lil man to be old enough for me to get back working though for a decent income! Lost my job due to unfair dismissal when I was 16weeks pregnant so claiming UC was my last resort

Are you better off on maternity allowance? @Samantha

Are you not eligible for maternity allowance? Cause UC has stopped my payments now I get Mat Allowance

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