Chicken pocks or not

My daughter had about 6 spots on her tummy no where else. Not sure if she’s ichying them or not. Please let me know if it’s chicken pocks where going away next Monday I don’t want her to have it then or I get it
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Definitely looks like chickenpox to me! My little girls started like that, she didn't get very many but they took 2 weeks to scab over completely

@Emma I brought one

Call your GP they will prescribe a calamine lotion, to help the itching and dry them out. They also gave us a body wash. They need to scab over takes 5 days or so then you can go out/mix with people again.

@Ola The MMR vaccine doesn’t protect against chickenpox. The varicella vaccine isn’t given as standard in the UK

depends, did she receive the MMR vaccine? less likely if she did

Looks like chicken pox yeah. Calamine lotion isn’t recommended anymore but you can get different moisturising/cooling foams from the supermarket or pharmacy to help the itching. Make sure you avoid ibuprofen though as it can make the scarring much worse. Not really anything you can do to “cure” it. Just treat the symptoms. Have a look on the NHS website for the best advice.

My son gets bumps on his tummy if he’s too hot that look like that. None of my kids have had chicken pox so idk about that, but still good to ask a dr!

I agree - this does look like chicken pox! My eldest only ever had no more than 10 spots where as my little one was as covered head to toe! We used ViraSoothe to help - but they never bothered her anyway!

Definitely looks like chicken pox! You can't cure them, you just have to wait it out. It will get worse/ more widespread and you can't let her go to nursery/ have contact with other children until they have all scabbed over. I found germolene cream helped with my two to soothe the itch and much less messy than calamine lotion but that works wonders. You may have to postpone your holiday though 🥲

Looks like it. If you're flying somewhere, the airline most likely won't let you fly..

You can put camomile lotion on if it gets itchy although the good thing about this age they can’t really scratch it. Is it in her armpits, behind her ears, groin, scalp as well? She might not even notice she’s got it. It should be scabbed over by then as generally takes a week.

They def look like chicken pox. It will get worse the next few days. When they start to scab then you can start giving an oat bath

@Amy how do I cure them

Looks like it. Also dr said they usually start on the tummy.

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