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Girls is it to eat a tuna sandwich or somthing? I jeep hearing stories it's bad for ya but I really want it
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Tuna is fine as long as you're not constantly eating it! A few tins of tuna a week would be totally fine. It's about Mercury quantities that are potentially present in certain fish. I believe you have to avoid swordfish and others that are similar in size.

I eat tuna sandwiches one of my cravings I don’t eat them all the time though I get 2 lots of sandwiches out of one tuna can they say not to eat mayonnaise but that’s what I put in my tuna I read you can have mayonnaise as long as it says pasteurised on ingredients or something🤷🏾‍♀️I have been fine

Canned tuna is very high in hence why they advise to avoid it. However, the occasional sandwich is not a problem. Read 'Expecting Better' where it is explained very well.

I know it sounds crazy but I got a app called Pregnancy Diet and you can search most things. They have recipes too. I don’t pay for it just use the free version

it's safe, you just don't want to eat too much due to the Mercury content.

I’ve had it in pasta bake and been fine! Just check guidelines on how much you can have a week! X

I literally just had somewith with red onion and sweetcorn in a roll first time eating it and and I'm 4 months lol

https://www.nhs.uk/pregnancy/keeping-well/foods-to-avoid/ You can have up to 4 tins a week, the link is the nhs guidance about what you can and can’t eat x

I was told it’s fine to have little and often! I have a tin of tuna a week 🥰

You can but keep it to a minimum think NHS says like 2 a week .

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