Vitamin drops

My little one all of a sudden is refusing her drops - even in milk, which she would usually just drink. What vitamins is everyone using for their 2 year olds. We were using the Abidec ones for ages but when she refused them, I tried the Wellbaby ones & these were a disaster also. Help 🫠 thanks in advance!
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@Suzie already sound better than the two we’ve tried 🫣🤭 x

@Jay I'm not sure, I get mine at superdrug. Sorry x

@Priya they smell a bit fruity, they're banana flavour x

@Suzie you used to be able to get these when the healthy start was vouchers not a card, do you know how you get them with the card? X

@Suzie thank you! Will check these out. Do they have a strong smell or anything? x

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