Capping naps

At 5 weeks would you cap daytime naps? My little one generally sleeps well at night but can sometimes go long stretches in the day (3 hours ish) would you cap the nap earlier?
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I'd cap wake windows at this age, never sleep windows. They should have a wake wimdow of 1.5ish hours and sleep 18ish hrs a day x

I wouldn’t cap the naps. Even if baby has had a lot of sleep in the day they can still sleep a lot at night. At this stage they need lots of sleep to grow. I found that capping naps or skipping them has always backfired on me 🥲 even when my toddler has slept 2+hours in the day can still sleep really well at night x

Completely depends on the baby. With my first we would wake him after 2 hours then do 45-60 minutes awake time then back for a nap.. if he slept too much in the day then he'd obviously feed less and as a result didn't sleep as well overnight as he was feeding more then.. my second is now 6 weeks and he sleeps as long as he wants, but also copes better than my first with longer wake windows. So although he sleeps longer, he's also awake longer between naps. So far his night sleep is great so we've not had to make any changes, whereas it was quickly evident with my first that something had to change to make the nights better!

With newborns good daytime sleep promotes good night time sleep. They need the sleep for their development 😊 so I wouldn't wake them!

Personally I wouldn’t. I did a bit of research on it as I was being told by people to wake him more in the day so he sleeps better at night. All my research found that waking baby in the day doesn’t result in better sleeping at night. Not at this age. They sleep however much they need. Waking them just results in them being grouchy and overtired. Making it harder for them to go back to sleep. Newborns need however much sleep they decide they need. Every day is something new for them and it’s a lot for them to take in. The more their awake the more overstimulated they can get and they need that sleep time to recharge x

Following because I’m conflicted with this as well. I have been told never to wake a sleeping baby but also I find the more he sleeps in the day - when he sleeps for 3Hrs ish each time he sleeps worse at night!

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