On the edge 😭

I just need some solidarity. I feel really alone when I get this upset. My LG is 2 in 3 weeks and I’m finding things really hard. She is my first and I’m a single mum and absolutely feel like I was made to be her mum. I love her more than life. But her ‘behavior’ is really challenging and I’m starting to pick up on the fact that not all toddlers seem to act how she does (sometimes) I try to gentle parent. But recently I’ve had to raise my voice and try to be more stern. She just laughs, she really does not care. She hits me lots. She does say ‘sorry mama’ and I try to just distract and tell her it hurts mummy. She won’t brush her teeth. I’ve brought 7 different toothbrushes, sing songs, practice, I’m gentle, she won’t let me or won’t do it herself. It’s been 2 weeks since I’ve even been able to get any toothpaste in her mouth. She won’t get in her car seat, or pram, anymore. Sometimes I can get her in the car but only with YouTube on my phone. Maybe because I’m a single parent I’m finding it really really hard but I just feel like crying.
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This age is soooooo tough wow! Its so fun and lovely to watch them grow and develop and have little conversations but wow...its also very very challenging!! Xx

100% this. My son has made me lose my shit more than once in the past few weeks. Teeth, bedtime, walking with reigns on. You name he’s not having it.

You are not on your own, I promise! I feel like I could have written this post myself. Please don’t be too harsh on yourself😘 Talking professionally from a Nursery teachers point of view, it’s just a stage and it will pass. You sound like a fab mum and you are doing all the right things, keep going x

Sending you love 💕 I can’t imagine what it must be like to do this alone - you’re an absolute warrior and in years to come your little girl will appreciate and understand how much you did for her!! Just a note on the gentle parenting - no one is perfect and gentle 100% of the time - kids are hard work, you should give yourself some grace 💜 The key is to try and remain calm but that is so so difficult at times and takes practice, in the interim when you shout try and apologise to her when you can - we all make mistakes and it’s good for her to see you do too! Another vote for the hey duggee song if you haven’t already on YouTube. My girl likes ‘this is way we brush our teeth’ - she struggles but it’s a non - negotiable, the teeth HAVE to be brushed. Are they’re other things your little one does that you could ignore?! That aren’t that important?! Like picking your battles! Does your girl go to nursery? Do you have family that can give you a break? Xxx

I'm going through the same thing with my little boy at the moment, it really does take its toll! But I just have to keep in my mind that it's just one of many phases we have to go through. Also knowing he will be starting nursery soon really helps 😂

With the teeth brushing I showed my son the episode of hey duggy where they brush their teeth and we sing that. Iv got him a step to reach the sink and brush mine at the same time. We still struggle some days but that's helped. There is bluey episode and peppa pig for brushing teeth if your little one prefers those

Yeah I’m finding it really tough. The hitting is getting me down. I have tried ignoring, saying no, redirecting etc and nothing seems to work. In terms of teeth brushing, my strategy is lie him down between my legs, and pin his arms under my knees and then just go for it. He often cries/shouts but sometimes is absolutely fine. If I can manage it I give him a little tickle on his belly and he actually laughs then too 🤯 but I am treating it as a non negotiable like the good old days of screaming crying as a tiny baby in the car seat. They will get used to it and it WILL get easier. (I bloody hope so anyway) Do you have any family that can give you an hour or so off? Or even just meet up with family/friends to take some of the pressure off? X

Solidarity here. Also a single mum to a nearly 2 year old and I feel ya! It's so tough, my LB also hits me and doesn't listen to a word I say, and hates getting in his car seat and buggy. The tantrums he throws when we're out make me so embarassed, but I comfort myself with the fact it is just par for the course with toddlers, and knowing I will one day get my revenge by telling his future girl/boyfriends all these embarassing stories 😈 we just have to hold on and wait for the next, hopefully nicer phase 🥰

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