At my wits end....

Does anyones toddler refuse to try most foods like they won't even TRY IT? 9/10 meal times she won't eat at dinner, I give my toddler exactly the same as us and she still doesn't even try it the only thing she will eat without a doubt is chicken nuggets and chips and beans and even then she don't finish it off every time. She won't eat pasta, rice the only potato she will eat is mash or chips I honestly don't know what to do
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@Danielle G quite young really so she's two now I'd say this started around 18 months maybe she used to eat absolutely everything I gave her and I give her quite a big portion to really and then she just gradually stopped. she still likes her picky lunch such as cheese sandwich, cake or crisps and fruit but even then I'm a bit limited shel eat tinned macaroni or hoops but not proper pasta and she will only eat cheese, peanut butter or egg she wouldn't eat ham or anything like that

My son has recently become so picky. You can never count on him liking something twice for all his meals I have him pick out what he wants sometimes have him help me make it and then he’ll eat none of it trust me I know it’s so disheartening, but he does have some good days and I always count any food he’s eaten as a win

Out of interest when did this start? At what age? I have a 19 month old and I think we’re on our way to being super picky! She’s always been so good with food until the last month or so. She’s refusing to eat absolutely everything. Only thing I can currently guarantee she will eat is peas (on its own) and beans on toast!

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