Am I just royally failing!?😔

My 19 month old has just been a fickle dude lately. He wont eat anything but snacks(aka crackers, any and all crackers) and fruit pouches. I try to make him 3 balanced meals a day and now he fights to get into his chair and will send the food flying everything then say all done😮‍💨 then proceed to ask for crackers. Used to love all fruit and now just picks at it, no matter the variety I provide. I'm worried he isn't getting everything he needs! Has anyone started on a multi vitamin? I was looking into Hiya vitamins and they suggest starting at 2. His pediatrician isn't worried and says this is normal but the amount of wasted food😵‍💫 and he is CRANKY is sending me over. Ugh. Any suggestions on favorite protein snacks or vitamins is appreciated!!!
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I think it's just the stage that they're at. My 19 month old girl is being picky too.

my girl has always had a small appetite and has been rejecting meat for the past 1.5 months, so protein is a daily challenge. but, she has been obsessed with yogurt lately and also cheese (specifically cheddar spears and shredded parmesan). some other easy stuff that she reliably likes: - peas and corn (freeze dried or i heat up from frozen) - happy teethers crackers pea and spinach flavor - grapes and apples - toast or english muffin with peanut butter or cream cheese - peanuts - roasted sliced almonds - soft tofu - rice (i mix brown and white) - wheat or brown rice noodles - granola - baked chickpeas or edamame (you can get these packaged snacks at the store) - mango smoothie: mango, plain yogurt, water - green smoothie: avocado, apple and/or pear, spinach, unsweetened soy milk (pineapple is also great if you have it) - california roll - steamed carrots with butter - pad see ew kit (i know this seems random but you can make it healthy with tofu, egg, broccoli)

I have a feeling they are all like this at this age! My 19 month old has been a PILL lately. Won’t eat anything but fruit and snacks, maybe a bit of cheese. He was waking up FIGHTING MAD. Head butted me and gave me a fat lip. Not on purpose but just threw his head back when I was trying to comfort him. Then today he woke up and he was an angel ha ha I’m hoping that it continues to be this way. But preparing for it to just be a good day. Lol And that it was just teething. They are also starting to understand their bodies more at this age so feelings (physical and emotional) are intense for them. Have you tried smoothies? I make one that has hemp seeds, spinach, peanut butter, micro greens, and berries. He seems to like that one, but sometimes he doesn’t ha ha. Also, I’m trying to blend sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, etc. hidden in things like mac & cheese. Trial and error. He hated the mashed potatoes. Next is mac & cheese.

My 18 month old was behaving similarly and is just coming around. I just didnt make a big deal out of him not eating stuff and would just wait until later and offer it later (he would gobble up his uneaten dinner before bed probably because he was so hungry). He is just coming around to understanding that he wont get exactly what he wants to eat all the time and we have been able to offer his favorite “fun” snacks again without them interrupting healthy meals.

Sailing in the same boat 😟. Would love to see some tips and tricks other mamas might suggest!

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