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Ok so my daughter received a birthday invitation on Monday for a girl in her class. It's next Sunday and the little girls house. Rsvp to mom. Great! I marked it down to attend. Well on Tuesday she received another invitation for the same girl but from her step mom. It's going to be next Saturday (the day before moms) at a popular bounce house and arcade place. So now I'm torn. I've never had this happen before. Do we attend both? Do we pick one if so which one? I feel most kids are going to pick the bounce house place because it's more fun. But I feel bad for the mom because she's spent money for her daughter to have no one show up. What would you all do? It's a little girl from her class.
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Thanks everyone for the input. We will be going to both!

I will go to the mom house especially you receive her invite first but if you can do both do it . At the end of the day it not about them it for her .

Yikes what a garbage situation they are putting their daughters friends/parents in. I’d probably go to both, but only one gift. 🤔

I'd go to both if time permits...

Both their not right for doing that to the child tho 🤦🏽‍♀️

Just do both. I'm sure your daughter will have fun at both

I'd just go to both

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