Want to take my 5MO swimming for the first time, should I get a float or are they dangerous? What do I need apart from swimming nappies and costume…. Feeling clueless here any advice/tips please
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make sure get a big towel i use a towel that we would use after a shower (i bought her own) and take around the pool for getting out or even take her clothes and get her dressed afterwards as it can be quite cold leaving the pool area x

Splash About do this reusable nappy and lining, pop buttons so will fit from 0-1yr then another 2-3yr. They do change mats, swim suits, wet suits and bath/swim toys aswell

Bare minimum you just need the nappy and costume, I’ve heard some places like you to double nappy but I’ve not had that where I swim. I personally like to hold him the entire time but i think there are floats that are safe from 6 months, so if he is sitting he can go in one. As long as you are watching him he’ll be fine ☺️ first time my bubby swam he only wore a nappy, no costume haha

Hey I’ve been taking my girl since she was 4 month I use a sit in float she loves I take her three times a week

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