Positive or evap line?

These tests were taken 10 hours apart, the first one (top) I didn’t see anything after the 3 minutes but when I went to throw it in the bin a few hours later I noticed a faint line. So I took the second test (bottom) later that day, nothing showed after the 3 minutes but at around 15 mins this line appeared and kept getting darker! Is this evap or could it be a positive?!
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Evaps as after the timeframe. They're also too thin to be positives. Most brands will get evaps after the timeframe as that's just what happens as the test dries out...doesn't mean the tests are faulty. Just test again and read results within the timeframe x

@Keira I’m no expert but I’ve had 5 pregnancy losses so far so I know that determination to see a line. I felt that although more expensive, the digitals left nothing for interpretation. It’s either you are your not. Part of you will still doubt their accuracy but you will with any test when you’re wanting to conceive. This time round I used the early digital, I used the cheap strips the day before my period was due and the went onto use the the ones that tell you how many weeks xx

At the moment all tests seem to be the same, I always swore by frer but they've been taken off the market because they're unreliable. Maybe try a boots red dye test 🤷🏻‍♀️ xx

Thanks everyone! Any recommendations on what are the best tests to use? X

Both evaps, they’re way too thin x

I had the same experience with these tests. Use different tests, they’re terrible for evaporation lines. Xxx

If the tests were read after the 3-5 minute mark then they are invalid. Test again with first morning wee and read the results within 5 minutes☺️

I would say the top one is an indent as its not a complete line, to me the bottom line looks too thin for me to say it's definitely a positive, try again with first morning urine

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