Sahm daily routine

I need a schedule or im going to lose my mind 😭 what is your sahm daily routine if you have one!? I want to start teaching my girl as well like montessori things but at home to make her have a more productive day - shes a toddler now!
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Bahaha ive been a stay at home mom for almost 2 years and im still struggling with this. I have zero structure only bed time is at 8:30

@Ari yes. I’m definitely on my feet all day. Nap time is where I try to recharge. Yours doesn’t have to look like this though.

@Josephine sounds so productive!

I feel the exact same way. I’m still working on the schedule, but it goes something along these lines. 9:30am - (morning rush) wake up, walk dogs, get ready for day, have breakfast, feed dogs, clean up from breakfast, clean dog area, make bed, and start checking things off to-do list 12pm - have intentional time with baby, read Bible, homeschooling time, snack time, and rest time 3pm - run afternoon errand, nap time, and lunch time for me 5:15pm - continue to-do list, snack time, prep dinner, clean kitchen 7:30 - (night rush) dinner 8pm - start cleaning up toys, baths, cleaning from dinner, vacuuming 8:30pm - put baby down for bed 9:15pm - baby should be sleep, close kitchen, feed dogs, chill with husband for the rest of the night.

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