So my bf has been working a lot lately he’s had like 2 days of in nearly 2/half weeks i understand he’s tired but he comes in has a nap most days goes to bed by 10pm 9.30 moans he’s tired don’t make no effort with me hardly having sex maybe once a night some nights none I understand he’s tired I caught him watching porn last Sunday I also caught him few weeks ago to but he don’t really no onli last week he said he’s sorry he won’t do it as he knows I don’t like it no all men pretty much watch it but it upsets me I feel like he cbb with our relationship he goes on his phone to his work mates every other night phoning them rather than chilling with me just feel neglected like a lodger staying here just to sleep! He spent half his wages last month of gambling so I’ve had to lend him money and pay for take aways which has annoyed me to am I being perfectic or do I have a right to be upset/annoyed?!
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It sounds to me like he is going through some mental health struggle. Depression maybe? This is what I'm seeing: - watching porn - gambling - working long hours - uninvolved - sleeping alot Normally, men aren't good with their own emotions and talking. They then turn to distractions. To distract them from their own worries, fear, emotions, pain. Distractions such as porn, gambling, working long hours. There is something happening there for him mentally. Yes, you may feel rejected and unloved, but what's really going on here? What is the root cause? You may want to try and have the conversation. Not blaming him but telling him you know something is amiss and you'd like to help him. Perhaps he can go and speak to a professional? I'm seeing this from a different perspective as I am a therapist and there's a lot of warning signs here. So if you approach the situation form a point of wanting to help him, and not making it about you for now, you'll most likely get the answers you are looking for

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