Flu vaccination

Hi, I just wondered if you are getting a flu vaccination for your little one this year? I think I would like to, but my husband isn't keen and doesn't think our nearly 3 year old son needs it. I just wanted some opinions and to hear what other mamma's have decided, thanks!
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No, not getting it for my little girl x

I won't be getting any of my kids done.

We did the nasal spray

Yep - got the 'flu snort' as we have been calling it last week. In general research and evidence on vaccines shows that they are good things which globally reduce death and suffering. But if you want some specific info on the flu vaccine and possible side effects https://vaccineknowledge.ox.ac.uk/flu-vaccine#More-information-about-the-vaccine has some info.

We won’t be. I’m a nurse and don’t have the flu vaccine myself. Its a nasal spray at this age though isn’t it? Its your personal preference really. My children have been vaccinated minus the flu and covid ones x

Absolutely not! None of my kids will be getting it. Do your research on vaccines.

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