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My son has done really well at using the potty when he isn't wearing clothes on his bottom half. No accidents at all for ages. But if I put joggers on him he doesn't even try to use the potty. I've explained as much as I can to him. Any ideas to get him potty training in clothes as will soon be too cold for naked all the time? TIA xx
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I would put pants on with his fave character and then tell him we don’t want to get them wet!

I would suggest putting pants on as well. When he has the cold and damp against his skin, he will likely learn more quickly that he doesn’t like that feeling.

I’m in the same boat with my LG! Naked we have no accidents whatsoever and will use the potty or ask to use the big pot pot (loo) and as soon as put on knickers it’s accident after accident 🤦🏻‍♀️

Wish i could help though and hopefully someone will be able to help! Sometimes it's just a small adjustment. I'm you've been doing something similar but i found when I'd put his joggers on and I'd say "no nappy, no wee wee" used to be a good prompt. Then after a big drink or if it'd been awhile I'd say the same as a reminder he hasn't got a nappy on. I found if i asked if he needed a wee he was more likely to have an accident, think wording it differently made him feel like it was more his choice x

@Jodie oh sorry that was my only suggestion. I had the same at first until one day we had no pants left and he had no accidents, we assumed it was the extra pressure down below making it feel like a nappy and now a few weeks later he's now wearing pants aswell and only a nappy on for bed. Still trying to work on poo as he knows when he needs to go, when asked he tells you that you should poo in the toilet but he still won't x

@Chantelle no...I read a book that said not to do pants until they used to trousers as pants are too much like a nappy? X

When you're putting joggers on him is he wearing pants aswell? X

I don't really have advice. When we started training our boy we put him in pants straight away, never did the naked thing and just made a habit of taking him to the toilet every hour and half to 2 hours, I also made a sticker reward chart with little presents every time he went to the toilet, he enjoyed picking his sticker whilst sat on the toilet. He's been in pants since June. But we're still having 1-2 accidents a day. Mainly poo 😭 he used to do really well but I had a baby at the end of July and I was told he may go backwards in the toilet training department

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