Flu spray

Hi everyone Anyone who's little one who has had the flu vaccine - have they had a fever after it? TIA x
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My little girl had it on Mon & she has been quite emotional in the evening after nursery & wanting only me since Tue. She is getting better now but definitely noticed a difference in behaviour. She did ask for calpol a couple of times, saying she felt poorly. She didn't really have much of a temperature.

My boy had it last week and was fine

Was Thursday, by Friday she was all good! Oh no yeah we got warned and told to give calpol if they did get one! I hope they feel better soon! X

@Hannah thank you for your reply. Aw hope your wee one manages to settle better tonight. My wee one has a fever 🤒 😫. They did say could happen but was hoping wouldn't! X

No fever, but she was the worst ever for bedtime, don’t know if it’s linked or not x

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