Anybody else's 2½ year old still tiptoeing? Is there a way I can help her to stop doing it? She's doing it barefooted and with shoes. She's my first child doing this and I'm a bit clueless 😂 Pic for attention
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My son walks on his tippy toes sometimes (gets it from his dad). The physiotherapist had a look at his feet and she didn’t mention anything about it causing damage long term, although my son is very clumsy and trips over air🤦🏼‍♀️

@Patricia I totally understand she is still young everyone develops differently. I’m not sure about damage to her feet tbh it’s not something I have thought about 🫣 x

@Toni yea she's got an autistic older brother and she also doesn't speak or understands simple instructions but I'm hoping she'll get there once she gets into nursery 😅 I'm not looking into getting her diagnosed. She's too young. Just trying to help her as I've read it can cause damage to their feet if doing it long-term x

If there anything else she does alongside tiptoeing? My daughter does this still at 10 (it can be a sign of autism) Or maybe she just enjoys walking on her toes 😊

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