Does anyone else's LO have a stammer? My daughter's isn't diagnosed or anything but she often stammers/stutters at the start of a sentence eg "I, I, I, I need to get my cup" or "mummy, mummy, mummy where are we going" etc. Her language is generally really good I've read it's best to get it looked into around this age? Where would we start? If anyone has any experience or advice that'd be much appreciated, thank you!
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Has anything changed for her recently? My eldest is a year older and has developed a stammer since moving up to preschool and we're monitoring it. It's been about a month now and it's much less pronounced so I'm giving it longer before we look into getting any support. Preschool are aware! My mum said I started stammering when she first tried potty training me so she backed off for a few more months and then it all went fine. I've never stammered that I can remember so it certainly didn't stay with me.

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