Trying for my second baby! Tips & advice needed!

Hi! I’m four months postpartum with my first baby who was a lovely little surprise following a miscarriage, both unplanned pregnancies. My fiancé and I are now discussing to start trying for our second child, around Christmas/New Year time. Since I’ve never planned/tried for a pregnancy I don’t even know where to start or what can help my chances? Do I track ovulation? If yes, how? Do I take pregnancy tests monthly or just go get one if my period is late? Are there certain foods I should be eating, or any I should be avoiding? Tips? Advice welcome!
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We’re trying without tracking ovulation but if that’s something you wanted to do, go for it! You can get bulk tests on Amazon and normally you’d start from the day after you stop bleeding from your period. If you get the premom app you can add them in there and they’ll give you readings 😊 Pregnancy tests are upto you too. Once I have my predicted ovulation date, I’ll probably test from 10dpo roughly. But some women find it easier/less stressful to just wait and see if AF arrives first. Nothing you’d need to avoid that I can think of tbh. I just eat as normal and once I’ve got a positive I’ll then change to make sure I’m not eating stuff you can’t in pregnancy. I’d recommend taking some vitamins/folic acid so that you’ve already got good levels in your system for baby. Tend to get these in shops or online. Good luck 🤞🏼

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