Me and my boyfriend was going through a break up and I had sex with my ex April 25th but in May I had a full regular 5 day cycle and me and my boyfriend slowly got back on good terms within the month of May and we was having a lot of sex the month of May and I found out I was pregnant in June I was 6 weeks when I found out. Who most likely could the father be? The ex or the boyfriend? Also the doctors confirmed I conceived in May but I’m still kind of concerned. What do you guys think?
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Went thru it same exact dates , with my ex and all but it’s ur bfs don’t overthink it

Only a paternity test will tell you for sure sis. You should pet one to have a peace of mind.

Should be your boyfriend but never hurts to get a paternity test done to clear any fears and doubts

Went through similar! I would def say your boyfriend.

Most likely your bf, if you had a period after the sex with your ex then it more than likely isn’t his child. ❤️

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