Irregular/inconsistent cycle length and TTC.

This one is actually for my friend who I’m looking for a bit of advice for and thought this might be a good place, incase anyone relates or has any advice. My friend has been trying to conceive for a year however, she’s always struggled with her cycles. Sometimes they’re 27 days, sometimes they’re 35, at times it’s sometimes been 45. She uses the clear blue ovulation sticks to see when she’s ovulating and also has sex regularly throughout the month. Although on average it takes a year to conceive, she’s started to get worried it might not happen. Any advice/anyone similar? Anything she could try? Thank you!
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I would highly recommend switching to a non inflammatory diet (cut out all inflammatory foods for 30 days min to rebalance). I did this to conceive with all my pregnancies under recommendation from my consultant. It helps rebalance all your hormones and reset your body. I used a book called 'The whole 30' as a guide. I'm not sure if it's changed but the gp can refer after 12 months of trying I think (it may be shorter the closer to 30 I think) x

With cycles that irregular I’d be going to the GP and asking for some tests to check for PCOS. A friend of mine got diagnosed eventually, she had no classic signs of PCOS apart from varying cycle lengths but after 2 months on the right type of meds to support they got pregnant after months of no success. I think she went privately as they hadn’t been trying for the full 2 years you’re meant to before getting tests on the NHS though

Make sure they’re both doing their part to help. There’s lots of things men can do to increase their sperm count and improve the odds. My best friend was going through very similar and was so worried it was something she was something wrong with her but turned out her partner had low sperm count so just make sure they’re both doing their bit

Having sex several times in the ovulating window might help x

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