Chemical pregnancy?

I had a MMC early august at 7 weeks. Last week, I had to take a pregnancy test before an imaging appt at the Dr for an unrelated issue and they said I needed to take a pregnancy test despite being only like 8 dpo. I did a FRER and I got 3(!!) tests that looked like the picture. I then noticed that day my BBT had gone up to what it had been when I was confirmed to be pregnant in July. Then, the next day, my tests were all negative, my temp dropped, and I got my period 2 days after that. Was this a weird fluke, or did I have a very very early chemical pregnancy? I would’ve loved to have not known, but since I had to take that early test it’s now driving me crazy. Would love opinions. Thank you!
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At least in this instance it’s a good thing!

Oh that is so true. I hadn’t noticed that. That kind of makes me feel better, thank you. Even my husband thought they were positive.

This looks like a water like to me as the full left side before the “line” looks the same so I don’t think this was a positive

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